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TOPJET has been successfully developed into one of the largest compatible printer consumable manufacturers in China since its foundation in 2009. We are always insisting on ” Credibility, Quality, Service and Win - Win”.

Credibility is the source of all behaviors and also the root to get things to be done and completed successfully. It is consisting of good faith, justice and responsibility to embody the heart of and devote to job duty.

A continuous commitment to trust of honest can award the trustworthy by return, let people believe and dare to commit. Trustworthy to both individual and team is important, because of trust can be assured given the responsibility by the superior, because of trust, customers are confidently injecting their inputs and ideas to Topjet and also giving us the opportunities to be improved and competitive.

Quality is not only talking about product alone, which is a wide scope, from macro to micro process, cover each department and the whole organization as well as an assignment to the employees for each part of their works during co – development. It is also the crystallization of “Blood and Sweat” from each employee and the basis that enterprise to be relied on for survival. By implementing the principle of "People First", fully mobilize the enthusiasm of each employee and creativity to eventually ensure the quality is excellent in all aspects.

Service is respecting, understanding and listening to customers, continuously providing quality products and professional services which are beyond customers’ expectations and being the partner with customers forever, all of these elements are always motiving us to uphold and promote this concept of service.

Win-Win between customers, enterprise, employees and even society is a value by fully and continually supporting each other and that will be appeared when such relationship is tightly connected.

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