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This is one of the principles that Topjet is focusing on, from Pre – Sales, Post – Sales to After – Sales thus we can provide an all-round and professional services to our respectful customers worldwide, since the initial discussion on suggestions and solutions to their concerns and inquiries, then move forward to purchase orders, terms and conditions, deliveries and whatever customers may still have in mind, as well as the follow up on the receipt of shipments without any delays and annoyances.

As we have been dedicating to the industry for many years, Topjet is fully understand that the delay and inappropriate response are not on the right track and customers would not be happy at all once problems or issues are there so at this point, every of our Sales and Marketing persons is well trained by internal and external experienced management people, together with their thoughtful and sounding product knowledge, factory operation, quality control, know-how to deal with people and in line with all of these criteria are back by a friendly and positive attitude to best serve our customers from the very beginning.

Our goal is to keep and maintain the mutual and beneficial relationship in between Topjet and customers not just limited to “Supply and Demand”, but eventually transform into a partnership to fully support each other as win win for the long run and in this amazing industry.
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