2021, Happy New Year.
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Tomorrow we will embrace the new year coming. When we get off duty, look at the new calendar of 2021 , and recall the path in this year, we find there is something unforgettable rooted in our memory.

The most unforgettable thing is that Covid-19, at that time, rummors were flying, people were at risk. Topjet went trough this with the efforts of the whole team, and we recovered very fast and finally hit the history high monthly shipment record in July with 1.81 million pcs toner toner cartridge, and 8.36 million pcs inkjet cartridge.

In the last month of 2020, we refreshed the record with 1.93 million pcs toner cartridge shipment in December,this record can't be separated from our hard-working staffs and the support from our clients.

Those that support us to go through the hard times are actually the responsibility, gratitude and love when we face difficulties. This makes us believe: life is priceless, dream is priceless.

Next year, Topjet new industrial park will be finished and put into use. This gives us the confidence to perform better in 2021. Topjet will always remain true to its original aspiration and keep on going.

Thanks all the staffs, clients, suppliers. Happy New Year !